Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taking a Wizard Episode 7: Feint Stealer!

In this episode, I discuss how far Gilroy has gotten in the game and what challenges he's working on (gardening, conquering worlds . . .), read the answers to last weeks questions and propose a new round of questions to the Wizarding community along with a few Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me and some Misc Advice as well as a new segment . . .  Rookie Mistakes!  Thank you all for the continued support, and I hope you are enjoying the new show!


  1. You can only have one minion of the same type in your "team" at a time. If you already have one fire minion out and then cast another one, it will replace the first one. This can be a substitute for healing an almost-dead minion, just summon up a new one and the old will go away, or you could summon another one after the first gets killed. But no, you can't summon two different fire minions at once - and if you're playing with another pyro you can only have one fire minion up, your minion would replace theirs if they already had one out.

    1. I know it's a little early, but here's a tip to file away for a couple of areas into Mooshu.

      Once you get to the Crimson Fields instance, there is a hidden boss there. There's a large empty battlefield in the middle of the area - you'll know it when you see it. There are four banners you can interact with - raising all four banners will call up an extra-tough boss later in the dungeon. At one point the battle field will fill up with mobs and the extra boss will be wandering around with them.