Friday, March 29, 2013

Talkin' the Plank Episode 23: The Power of Love?

Welcome to this week's episode of Talkin' the Plank, featuring Captain Luke Andreen and First Mate Brandon King.

Brandon and Luke have conversation about whatever
Scoop Deck: Pirate 101 News (Stitching)
Post: Ship Stitching
Riposte!:  Blind Mew talks about Armada companions rumors
Lubber's Lane: Sail's Pitch?
Sail's Pitch:Space Between Spaces
From the Cargo Hold Contest Winners
After the credits, Brandon tells a story I thought was a bit gross to keep in the episode propper.  Listen at your own risk!!

Charming Tasha Blake's submission:


  1. Thanks from Happy Jose Hawkins, I received the Yellow Marshadillow. Her name is Admiral Abby and she looks great along side my pirate and his gold trimmed outfit. Thanks again!

    1. Nice! I was hoping to get a Marshadillo with mine, but, as I said in the episode, I had to spend crowns on it!