Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talkin' the Plank Episode 34: Thalia & Melpomene

Welcome to this week's episode of Talkin' the Plank, featuring Captain Luke Andreen and First Mate Brandon King.

Brandon and Luke have conversation about where they are in the game.
Sail's Pitch: What? Now?!
Scoop Deck: Sail Sale!
Post: Walk in doors
Riposte: Interview with Sarah Steele!
Lubber's Lane: Ship downgrades in the
From the Cargo Hold: How great thy art winners!

The sound department at work. Rajah?

And now, the contest entries!!
Runners up:

 Reckless Scarlet Moone
I sent in this particular screenshot to correlate with your May 28th post. In it you talked about destroying Beachhead which was quite the task! It took me four attempts on the last Bishop instance before I finally defeated him and this was my sort of...trophy for doing so!

 Samuel Narwolf
I submitted this to Pirate101 Fan Art and they seemed to like it, and knowing you guys just love Fin, here he is!

Fair Christina Nightingale

 Javier Lopez


Wicked Esmeralda Nightengale

William Blake
It's meant to be your Swashbuckler, Silent Luke.

Leesha Moone

Captain Tiffany
Wicked Ginelle Vaughn
MS Paint is the best I could do on my afternoon coffee break. Luke &
Brandon discover their best treasure yet.

Alonzo Lawson
This is a picture of you and brandon recording an episode of talkin the plank in your car at work.

Grand Prize Winner!!
Crazy Ryan Upham


  1. Thank you guys so much. This was fun to pick my screenshot to tweek a bit and I just love seeing the other entries. Great contest.
    Valorie Stockstill aka
    Fair Christina Nightingale

  2. P.S.
    Congratulations Crazy Ryan Upham. Beautiful artwork and nice job on your win.
    Fair Christina Nightingale

  3. Oh by the way guys. Fair Christina Nightingale is not walking a plank, lol. I am riding my Pennyfarthing. I thought it would apply as you seemed to love it so much. This is what you look like when you back up :D. Plus It was a video glitch and I got stuck in the clouds somewhere beautiful and just HAD to get a shot of it. Love those glitches, I wind up in the most fascinating and beautiful places.