Friday, June 28, 2013

Talkin' the Plank Episode 36: Still Waiting . . .

Welcome to this week's episode of Talkin' the Plank, featuring Captain Luke Andreen and First Mate Brandon King.

Brandon and Luke have conversation about where they are in the game.
Scoop Deck: Mount Up!
Post: Further clarification and an impatient demand
Riposte: Are loot drops really random?
Lubber's Lane: Mojo potion and long instances
Sail's Pitch: Long instances?

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  1. Congratulations Capt.Luke on the birth of your son. x Raises a tankard of yum in his honor and tosses a bag of gold to the barkeep for the next round is on me x Blessings and giggles on him every day of his life. Fair Christina Nightingale