Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking a Wizard Episode 2: Pip Cane

Welcome to the first stand alone episode of Taking a Wizard!

In this episode, I discuss how far Gilroy has gotten in the game, read the answers to last weeks questions and propose a new round of questions (and a few observations!) to the Wizarding community.  Thank you all for the positive feedback!  I hope you continue to enjoy the new show!

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  1. Hello Luke,
    My name in game is Julia Stormflame, and on tweeter its jewelshadowcast. First I'd like to say I really like hearing all this, cause its reminding me of my own start (fire was also my first wizard) and i just remember how much fun I had. Second, yes you got that right, Luke is pretty common name in the game lol. Now to your questions. Begging is pretty common as you've already noticed. If you park in commons, the 2 most common things you're gonna hear there is "Can someone gift me something" or "I need a boy/girl" lol. So I would suggest you to either ignore the "beggers" or remove them. Keep the gifting for close people, as in real life lol. As far as it goes for pet training, most of the time I train my pets in game. With gardening I do in game with plants such as Couch Potato and Evil Magma Peas, you can have enough mega snacks to train your pet pretty fast (both plants drops mega snacks rank 9 and 8 at elder). One mega snack such as Fancy Yogurt can give you up 50 points. Depend on a snack but it goes from 31 to 50 point per snack. So gardening is a good idea. GG (Grub Guardian) is good as for pet training or for other item drops, like packs, gold, etc, but I think you need to buy certain maps there with crowns, but it can be like some sort of your investment, up to you. I hope this will be helpful to you, see you in the game :)