Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taking a Wizard Episode 3: Everywhere you Luke

In this episode, I discuss how far Gilroy has gotten in the game, read the answers to last weeks questions and propose a new round of questions (and a few observations!) to the Wizarding community along with a few additional segments which have more or less created themselves.  Thank you all for the continued support, and I hope you are enjoying the new show!


  1. There is also an abundance of Taylor Swift & Sierra Mist. However on MY friends list I have several Katherine (Light____) & Cassandra (Dragonheart) only because they keep the same name for all their wizards! LOL

    Pets start out at Baby. Then get trained to Teen, Adult, Ancient, Epic & now Mega :)

    Grub Guardian is the only way atm to get Mega Snacks (or packs) DURING a pet training game. The games in the pet pavilion will only give XP and you have to USE snacks (Mega or otherwise) to feed your pets).

    KT is also for Krokotopia. BBT is for Briskbreeze Tower (or formerly named, The Gauntlet of Woe).

    I use different pets for different reasons. I'll give examples.

    If I am soloing and fighting mobs then I will use a pet that has spritely (so I can kill quicker without worrying about wasting a turn healing), damage boost (to hit harder & quicker), maybe has an innate blade card I can use to stack with my own school spell (dragon blade, balance blade, school specific, etc). This allows me to usually kill the mobs in 2-3 turns using a 4 pip spell (Sandstorm, Blizzard, meteor, etc).

    When fighting a boss then I want a pet that is going to give me extra cards I can use to stack for that bigger hit I'll need vs the mobs, like Feint, Hex, or even a talent which the pet will prob cast themselves such as Curse-giver, a school trap on them, or a school blade on yourself.

    When I was teaming up with the M4H (Mercenaries for Hire) we specifically hatched pets that had all three of those trap cards; Hex, Feint, & Curse plus a blade; Bladestorm, Balance Blade, Dragon Blade, Tri-Blades). This allowed us to get past the cheating bosses easier. The reason was because some bosses (Luska & Sylster in WW, Erwin in TotH) would REMOVE any traps that YOU put on them. However, they seem to overlook those that are "cast" by our pets. :)

    Also another M4H experience that would decide what pet I used was when we were helping a "Client" (person who requested our services) to score a Big Hit. In that case we would use our pets who would boost them. So If I'm on my Balance Wiz & the Client is Fire then I would use my Crimsonzilla pet which has an innate Fireblade card plus the Hex, Curse, & Feint cards (with Spritely for myself :P). Those cards PLUS our own spells, PLUS treasure cards make for a sizable wallop!

    There was an update where you couldn't go to Celestia unless you were level 48 or higher. Even if you had beaten Malistaire. Used to you could because you had followed the main storyline. But now, no, which means that wizards NEED to do side quests in order to level up to meet those requirements.

    ALWAYS pick up the Prospector Zeke quests. It is beneficial to you to do so. First off, you will get a Training Point for completing them. Secondly, most of the "missing items" are located in dungeons. This means if you don't get the item then or think you will pick up his quests later on, you will have to do those dungeon OVER AGAIN. Think Big Ben where one of the Stray Cats is. Or Nastrond where there is a Trogg. Do not avoid these or save them for later.

    To reset talents or training points you will have to spend crowns. The more spells you have picked up outside your own class, the higher crowns cost it will be. Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court is in charge of TP Resets.

    SorceressMiklai (owner of 84 wizards :P)

  2. Here's a suggestion based on my own experiences. When you first get to a world explore it before you start on the main quest line:

    Right now you are in KT. Go around and pick up all the sidequests that you can from anyone you see. You DON'T have to do them all right now but you will have them. You may even find out (especially when you get to the Palace of Fire) that those sides will stack up with your main quests. This is extremely helpful because you will get the experience for completing the quests without having to fight the same mobs over and over again.

    Once you get to MB this will be useful because that world is the first to introduce Teleporters. Roaming around the world will help you find these which will in turn make it easier for you to get from one location to the next a lot faster.

    Hope this tip helps you on Gilroy's journeys :)

    Good Luck!