Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking a Wizard Episode 4: Eggs with Legs

In this episode, I discuss how far Gilroy has gotten in the game and what new challenges he's faced (pet hatching, gardening, being power leveled . . .), read the answers to last weeks questions and propose a new round of questions (and a few observations!) to the Wizarding community along with a few Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me and some Misc Advice.  Thank you all for the continued support, and I hope you are enjoying the new show!

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  1. The Unicorn is a feature of that particular cottage, it seems to appear and disappear in the grove of trees at random. Sadly it doesn't do anything but look cute, and make players go "Hey, what was that?"

    Crafting can be useful, especially at the higher levels, but it can take a Very Long Time to get there. Some of the high-end crafted gear can have better bonuses than boss drops. You can also make furniture, multi-player games for your house (like the Tag game in the crown shop), and even whole houses with your own personal PVP ring. There are even high-end craftable spells, that once you craft it it gets added to your spell book just like you'd learned it from a professor. :)