Thursday, January 3, 2013

Talkin' the Plank Episode 11: 20,000 Crowns Under the Skyway

Welcome to this week's episode of Talkin' the Plank, featuring Captain Luke Andreen and First Mate Brandon King.  Stay tuned till the end for the contest results!

Sound issue addressed, Luke and Brandon discuss where they are in the game
Scoop Deck: Pirate 101 News
Post: a new fan and a live tweet
Riposte!: player suggestion and hope for Stormzilla
Lubber's Lane: two tips this week!  Money laundering and improving travel time
Sail's Pitch: vendor suggestion
From the Cargo Hold:  this week's winners!  Thank you all for your submissions!


  1. In valencia, musketeers get a unicorn duelist :D

    Dead-Eye Luke, Level 50 Musketeer

  2. Don't bump bonnie!!! She's awesome

  3. My companion talent roll is usually, tough 3 rough 3 and accurate 3

  4. Witch hunter is the first strike for witches

  5. The second chance for musketeers is Quick Adjust